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The Alberta Beach Patrol Department is striving to develop and maintain a solid relationship with the Community. Services also available to the public include bylaw enforcement and animal control.


Road Safety:  Peace Officers will endeavour to provide a level of traffic safety on Municipal roads by enforcing traffic laws and regulations.    Peace Officers will also endeavor to be involved in traffic safety programs and public education initiatives as well as focused enforcement. Peace Officers will follow the guidelines set out in the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan as well as the Municipalities Traffic Safety Plan

Investigating Complaints:  When Peace Officers receive complaints of alleged breaches of legislation within their appointments, they will investigate these breaches as thoroughly as time and resources allow and follow through with enforcement action if required. If possible they will advise the complainant of the outcome of the investigation.

Assist Other Agencies:  Peace Officers will attempt to assist other agencies, where possible, with consideration given to the time and resources available,  Peace Officers will maintain an effective liaison with other agencies.  Peace Officers will establish formal and informal partnerships with other agencies, as required, to respond to issues of mutual concern.

Parks & Campgrounds:  Peace Officers assist Parks & Recreation Staff in maintaining peace and public order in the Campground.  This includes enforcing the Parks Bylaw, and other legislation, as required, and assisting Parks Staff when requested.  Peace Officer will proactively address general concerns before they become problematic

ATV & Snowmobiles:  Peace Officers will enforce the provisions of the Traffic Safety Act and itís Regulations and Off Highway Vehicle Bylaw, and to educate the public on issues relating to this legislation.  Peace Officers will endeavour to assist the RCMP with atv and snowmobile patrols in the Municipality

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