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Provincial Act


  • OHV must be registered and insured
  • OHV must be proper equipped including lights and exhaust
  • Plates must be properly displayed
  • Operator must have a valid Drivers license (min. Class 7) on any roadway
  • Operator must carry drivers license, registration and insurance.


Provincial Violations ( FEW COMMON LISTED)

Traffic Safety Act (RSA 2000 cT-6)

119(1)(a) Drive/ permit another to drive OHV w/o subsisting registration

119(1)(b) Drive uninsured OHV

120(2)(a) Carelessly drive OHV on any property public entitled/ permitted to use

120(2)(b) Drive OHV on hwy w/o authorization

120(2)(c) Permit another to drive OHV contrary to the Act

120(3)(a) Driver of OHV fail to stop before crossing hwy

120(3)(b) Passenger on OHV fail to disembark from OHV / thing attached to OHV before driver crosses hwy

120(3)(c) Driver of OHV fail to yield to all MV on hwy when crossing

120(3)(d) Driver of OHV fail to cross hwy in prescribed manner

121(1) Driver of OHV fail to yield to other classes of MV

121(2) Driver of OHV approaching hwy fail to obey traffic control device

123(2)(a) Driver of OHV fail to stop for P.O.

123(2)(b) Driver of OHV fail to provide requested info to P.O.

123(2)(c) Driver of OHV fail to remain stopped for P.O. until permitted to leave

123(3) Passenger of OHV fail to furnish name/ address to P.O.

124(1) Fail to produce operator's license/ certificate of registration/ financial responsibility card to P.O. on request

124(4) Fail to produce new/duplicate document to P.O. when original document is illegible/mutilated/ defaced/altered

124(6)(b ) Provide financial responsibility card re invalid insurance

Off-highway Vehicle Regulation (AR 319/2002)

2(1) Person < 14 yrs drive OHV on hwy

3 Drive OHV on boulevard/ median of divided hwy

5(1) Drive OHV in public place w/o1/ 2 proper headlamps mounted on front

6(1) Drive OHV in public place w/o at least one tail lamp mounted on rear

8(1) Drive OHV w/o proper exhaust muffler

8(2) Exhaust muffler excessively noisy/ produce flames/sparks

8(4) Drive OHV if device attached to exhaust system/muffler increase noise/allow for ignition of gases from engine/exhaust

8(5)(a) Drive OHV if exhaust muffler cut out/ disconnected from engine

9(a) Tow trailer/sleigh/cutter/other MV behind OHV - hitch/attach not designed that MV being towed substantially follows in tracks of towing OHV

9(b) Tow trailer/sleigh/cutter/othervehicle behind OHV - hitch/attachment not strong enough to control safely towed vehicle

9(c) Tow trailer/sleigh/cutter/other vehicle behind OHV - hitch/attac> 1.83 m long

9(d) Tow trailer/sleigh/cutter/other vehicle behind OHV - hitch/attachment not prevent towed vehicle from colliding with towing OHV during travel downhill/ when towing OHV stops

19 Drive OHV w/o license plate securely attached/legible/clearly visible

29(2) Reg'd owner of OHV fail to remove/ keep expired license plate on passing of ownership

29(3) New owner of reg'd OHV fail to return original license plate to Registrar

33(1) Holder of certificate Registration for OHV fail to notify Registrar of change of address


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